Moonshot Voyage- Best Blockchain Game

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Moonshot Voyage- Best Blockchain Game


Moonshot Voyage is a top-down looter shooter game with a play-to-earn system based on SMI Play Token Items.

Take a role of a space bounty hunter and traverse an unknown galaxy after being sucked into a black hole while trying to find a legendary spaceship – the Moonshot.

Fight aliens, monsters, ghosts, and other deadly creatures along the way to reach the Moonshot and all its secrets.



Moonshot Voyage has a freeform difficulty level – you can choose your desired difficulty before starting an Expedition or a Raid from a range of 0-999.

The difficulty plays a part in a few ways:

It enhances Health and Damage of ALL enemies

It enhances the Moonscrap and XP values you get from playing

It determines your place on the leaderboards


To start an expedition you need to select a character and a destination area. You will then enter expedition mode. The expedition is a Survival type game mode, where you defend your base against a seemingly endless swarm of enemies. At waves 1, 20, and 40 you can choose an upgrade that lasts until the end of the current expedition. The longer you can stay, the more Moonscrap you will receive at the end. The goal is to survive until wave 50 which contains a powerful boss. Beating wave 50 of the expedition grants you a place in the Leaderboards and a Moonscrap bonus for completing the run.


Raids are more extended levels full of enemies, puzzles, and a boss fight at the end. Get to the end of the level and defeat the boss to receive Moonscrap. You need a Raid Token to gain a guaranteed 100 Moonscrap (1 NFT mint) after beating a Raid. You get 1 free Raid Token every day. You can also buy additional Raid Token codes on our website. Defeating the Raid without spending a Raid Token will grant much lower rewards.

Intergalactic Space Station

The ISS is a hub where players can interact with each other, have a chat with friends, use the marketplace or view the leaderboards.

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Moonshot Voyage- Best Blockchain Game

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